I have very little experience with ArcPy or coding but i was wondering if there is a way to use ArcPy to select a point features within a polygon and extract the data that is in the fields into a excel file. but only extract data from that those fields if there is a "yes" in one of those fields.

Where do I start?

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    Coding is last resort, why using tools is not an option? – FelixIP Feb 7 at 20:45
  • i am an intern at a municipality and the actual person using this will not be familiar with GIS therefore i would like script to be able to extract this information to excel where she is more used to. – Allan Cortina Feb 7 at 21:16
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    If you have very little experience with coding, perhaps a model would be easier. Figure out how to do your workflow using the geoprocessing tools, use the results window to get started building your model. – user2856 Feb 7 at 21:30
  • Another option in ArcGIS Pro is tasks, they are like simpler modelbuilder models. – BERA Feb 15 at 9:12

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