I have 2 layers containing polylines.

I'd like to establish the closest distance at any point along the line of one layer to the the lines on a different layer. My assumption is that the Nearest Neighbour Analysis doesn't do this.

What is the best way?

  • What is the expected result ? A script, a function, datas, etc. ? For answer, for my part, I need more context. – J. Monticolo Feb 10 '19 at 9:51
  • @J.Monticolo I have a layer with a network of polylines most of which are surplus to my requirements. I only need to work with ones that are within a certain proximity to the lines on my other layer. I had hoped to created a distance field that I can use to help delete the lines not required... Hope that makes sense. – Mardymonkey Feb 10 '19 at 10:06

you can do this very easy with QGIS virtual layers with a definition like this:

select layer1.* from layer1, layer2 where st_intersects(st_buffer(layer1.geometry, 500), layer2.geometry)

This will select all lines from layer1 which are in a distance from 500 (meters) to any geometry from layer2 and put the result into a new virtual layer.

enter image description here

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