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I try to use this Function with ee.ImageCollection.map()

var Fail = function(Im){ var min = ee.Image(Im.reduceRegion(ee.Reducer.min(),aoi).get('B10').getInfo()) var max = ee.Image(Im.reduceRegion(ee.Reducer.max(),aoi).get('B10').getInfo()) var Failvalue = Im.expression( '( Im - min )/( max -min )', { 'Im': Im, 'min': min, 'max': max, }) return Failvalue }

Using this Function on a Single Image will not obtain an error, see Success Using this Function on an ee.Colection with .map() results in:

Failed to decode JSON. Error: Field 'value' of object '{"type":"ArgumentRef","value":null}' is missing or null. Object: {"type":"ArgumentRef","value":null}.

The problem lies within the ee.ReduceRegion(), which retrieves a dictionary. This dictionary is unpacked with .get('B10') and Determined to a value with .getInfo(), so that it can be used as numeric input in ee.Image()

is there another way to construct an Image from a number, retrieved via reduction of a region?

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You cannot use getInfo() inside a mapped function, as mapping happens on the server side. GetInfo() returns objects on the client side.

As a user, you know that the output of the get('B10') will be a number, however GEE does not know that. Therefore, cast it to a ee.Number and you can use it inside your mapped function:

var Succes = function(Im){
 var min = ee.Number(ee.Image(Im.reduceRegion(ee.Reducer.min(),aoi).get('B10')));
 var max = ee.Number(ee.Image(Im.reduceRegion(ee.Reducer.max(),aoi).get('B10')));
 var SuccesImage = Im.expression(
    '( Im - min )/( max -min )', {
      'Im': Im,
      'min': min,
      'max': max,
  return SuccesImage.rename('ImgExpressionOutput');


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