I am trying to dynamically update the elevation value of a point based on its location when the user tries to move it in edit mode and after saving it in QGIS. I got a point shapefile and DTM (.asc) raster file. I want to create a custom function which could be added to the expression of the virtual attribute of the point shapefile.

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QGIS 3.4

There is a readily available function raster_value() in the QGIS 3.4.

  1. Start the Field Calculator on the attribute table of your point shapefile.
  2. Make sure you will create a Virtual Field.
  3. Expression is raster_value('DTM', 1, $geometry)
  4. Start digitizing new points. The attribute field will be filled by the raster value on-the-fly.

enter image description here

(Sorry it is not clear... I am just hitting Enter key after each click on the map...)

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