Does anyone know of a method to use the table from SQL Server table using OS Authentication, instead of a File Geodatabase Table in ArcPy?

I have been using the below to reference the table

tableTemplate = r"C:\Data_table.gdb\DataTable"

where DataTable consists of a set of rows and columns. I have created a similar table in sql server and want to use the same instead of the above File Geodatabase Table.

I have tried the below so far with no luck:

arcpy.CreateDatabaseConnection_management(out_folder_path="Database Connections",







tableTemplate = r"Database Connections\TemporaryDatabase.sde\DataTable"

Am I doing something wrong somewhere? I get an error : "Database Connections\DataTable.sde\DataTable does not exist or is not supported." I am using arcpy.CopyRows_management later in the script.

  • Does the Connection work when you double-click it in ArcMap/ArcCatalog? – BERA Feb 11 '19 at 10:20
  • @BERA yes it does – Deb Feb 11 '19 at 10:26
  • Same, ERROR 000732: Input Rows: Dataset C:\Users\DebS\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.5\ArcCatalog\TemporaryDatabase.sde\DataTable does not exist or is not supported Failed to execute (CopyRows). – Deb Feb 11 '19 at 11:03
  • Doesn't still, same error. – Deb Feb 11 '19 at 11:21
  • Are you saying that the CreateDatabaseConnection in your script successfully creates a .sde file that you can later use in ArcCatalog? If so, I think you need tableTemplate = r"Database Connections\DataTable.sde\DataTable" at a minimum (and possibly also the appropriate schema/owner name before DataTable). – Andy Feb 11 '19 at 20:28

One thing that isn't right is that you specified out_name as DataTable.sde, and then use TemporaryDatabase.sde to open the connection.

Perhaps you could try to create a new .sde file from within ArcCatalog first, so you know you have all the correct settings? Maybe you do not have the right privileges?

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