Using CARTO VL (which is awesome by the way), I have made the following groundwater harvest potential map that is styled using 10 quantiles.

enter image description here

Although the "temps" palette works well, is it possible to reverse the colors? I read a thread on GitHub that mentioned using "inverse" like this:

color: ramp(globalQuantiles($sa_m3_km2, 10), inverse(temps))

But this have never worked for me. Is inverting a quantile palette possible?


Yes, it is possible by using the reverse expression. Using the code from your example, it would be:

color: ramp(globalQuantiles($sa_m3_km2, 10), reverse(temps))

You can find more about this expression in our documentation: https://carto.com/developers/carto-vl/reference/#cartoexpressionsreverse

And an example from the reference using the JavaScript API:

const s = carto.expressions;
const viz = new carto.Viz({
  color: s.ramp(s.prop('type'), s.reverse(s.palettes.PRISM));
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    Thanks Elena, much appreciated. – JohnGIS Feb 11 at 11:39
  • You're welcome! Thanks for asking :) – Elena Torró Feb 12 at 14:02

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