I'm trying to iterate through all the features of a layer to change the value of some of its attributes. I'm using the following code:

from qgis.core import *
import os

working_folder = r'C:\myFolder'
fc_Opt_Prospect = os.path.join(working_folder, 'Equipm.gdb|layername=Prosp')

layer = QgsVectorLayer(fc_Opt_Prospect, 'Optimity_Prospect', 'ogr')


for f in layer.getFeatures():
    layer.changeAttributeValue(f.id(), 4, 3)
    layer.changeAttributeValue(f.id(), 5, 6)


When I check the attribute table of the layer I can see that no value has been changed. No error is thrown by the script.


QGIS can't edit Esri file geodatabases, even at version 3.8:

enter image description here


I have realised that "layer.startEditing()" is returning false. For some reason the layer is not editable. I guess that's the reason why values are not changed at all with the script above. Now remains the question of why the layer is not editable.

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