I have a couple of terabytes of 3in GeoTIFFs that I would like to host on my GeoServer (used by a non profit during disasters when there is no Internet). I have read that the best way to host these images is my creating mosaic overviews so that the client is not trying to load terabyes of data at a time. I have looked at gdal_retile but that appears to be doing the opposite of what i am trying to do. I have the most zoomed in image and want to create the mosaics for overviews.

I am using GeoServer and QGIS as my client.


Basically you'll need to stitch your images together into a full size high resolution image and then chop it up into pieces.

The first step can be done using either gdal_merge or a VRT. Then you'll be looking to make an image pyramid which does use gdal_retile to do this.

I have a tutorial that describes the process with some bash scripts to help though for a smaller image.

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