Hi @Bill Chappell and users,

I would like to add add a thumbnail related to each feature on a mapView on click or click on next feature this latter due to features overlapping.

My GeoJSON has an attribute thumbnails which has the path for the thumbnails "./images/thumbs.svg"

I have a div id="quickLook" created to display the thumbnails.

Following the information in here and discussed in here, in order to add the feature thumbnail to the Div element , I did the following.

function createForestLayer(graphics) {
        if (graphics) {
          wgs84Graphics = graphics;
        } else {
          graphics = wgs84Graphics;
        // display projected graphics as a FeatureLayer
        countriesLayer = new FeatureLayer({
          title: "Cosmo Skymed Images",
          source: graphics,
          objectIdField: "OBJECTID",
          fields: myFields,

          renderer: myRenderer,

          popupTemplate: myPopup,

          template: {
                           name: "{tp_produto}",
                           thumbnail: '<img src=${thumbnail} alt="View" style="width:304px;height:228px;">'




{thumbnail} attribute contains the path for the feature thumbnail.

Could someone tell me if I am on the right track and if the template settings are correct?

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