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Can I make the point count itself when there are too much stacked up points in one area when I zoom out my map?

I want my output e.g. Area of ganli points to be like this when i zoom out

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Water point functionality image is not mine i just post it for sample.


You're looking for the Point Cluster Renderer.

Point Cluster Renderer

Unlike the Point Displacement renderer which blows up nearest or overlaid point features placement, the Point Cluster renderer groups nearby points into a single rendered marker symbol. Based on a specified Distance, points that fall within from each others are merged into a single symbol. Points aggregation is made based on the closest group being formed, rather than just assigning them the first group within the search distance.

From the main dialog, you can:

  • set the symbol to represent the point cluster in the Cluster symbol; the default rendering displays the number of aggregated features thanks to the @cluster_size variable on Font marker symbol layer.

  • use the Renderer drop-down list to apply any of the other feature rendering types to the layer (single, categorized, rule-based…). Then, push the Renderer Settings… button to configure features’ symbology as usual. Note that this renderer is only visible on features that are not clustered. Also, when the symbol color is the same for all the point features inside a cluster, that color sets the @cluster_color variable of the cluster.

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For example usage, see also the blog post by @underdark "Even more aggregations: QGIS point cluster renderer"

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