After running raster>conversion>polygonize (raster to vector)I was given the following message in qgis 3.4.4. What should I do?enter image description here

Processing algorithm…
Algorithm 'Polygonize (raster to vector)' starting…
Input parameters:
{ 'BAND' : 1, 'EIGHT_CONNECTEDNESS' : False, 'FIELD' : 'DN', 'INPUT' : 'D:/Mics mentes/QGIS/Ausztrália/Asian_Islands.tif', 'OUTPUT' : 'C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_5235d3ef5abb4c8a92127705c52838d0/d0d084b5fc684e0c9012c11a228a5a3f/OUTPUT.shp' }

GDAL command:
cmd.exe /C gdal_polygonize.bat "D:\\Mics mentes\\QGIS\\Ausztrália\\Asian_Islands.tif" C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_5235d3ef5abb4c8a92127705c52838d0/d0d084b5fc684e0c9012c11a228a5a3f/OUTPUT.shp -b 1 -f "ESRI Shapefile" DN
GDAL command output:
'C:\PROGRA~2\QGIS' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

ERROR 4: `D:\\Mics mentes\\QGIS\\Ausztrlia\\Asian_Islands.tif' does not exist in the file system, and is not recognized as a supported dataset name.

Unable to open D:\\Mics mentes\\QGIS\\Ausztrlia\\Asian_Islands.tif

Execution completed in 7.67 seconds
{'OUTPUT': <QgsProcessingOutputLayerDefinition {'sink':C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_5235d3ef5abb4c8a92127705c52838d0/d0d084b5fc684e0c9012c11a228a5a3f/OUTPUT.shp, 'createOptions': {'fileEncoding': 'System'}}>}

Loading resulting layers
The following layers were not correctly generated.<ul><li>C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_5235d3ef5abb4c8a92127705c52838d0/d0d084b5fc684e0c9012c11a228a5a3f/OUTPUT.shp</li></ul>You can check the 'Log Messages Panel' in QGIS main window to find more information about the execution of the algorithm.
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    You need to describe what you are trying to do, the inputs you use for Polygonize etc. or you question will probably be put on hold as unclear. Take the tour
    – BERA
    Feb 12, 2019 at 18:23
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    Please copy the error message into your question as text. This makes it easier to read, and possible to find by searching.
    – csk
    Feb 12, 2019 at 18:24
  • I refer to my older question to explain what I'm trying to do. Feb 12, 2019 at 19:28

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Probably try to rename the file and/or location/path without non-ASCII character, e.g. á, blanks etc. Save your input file direct in C:/ and save your output direct to C:/, if your user name contain a special character, try it with a guest account In my experience non-ASCII characters in file names or user names can cause such errors

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