I want to to calculate the ellipsoidal/spheroidal area of each grid cell of a vector grid using ogrinfo.

When using ST_Area(geometry) I get the 2D planimetric area (which seems to be constant for a 2x2km2 resolution grid with spherical projection).

How can I use ST_Area geography in order to get the spheroidal area with ogrinfo in command line?

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    most likely you can't: SpatiaLite has no data type geography (meaning no native geometric concept using spheroidal algebra) and LWGEOM support (that would enable the externally extended function signatures using spheroidal calculations) is rare among the SpatiaLite builds I came across in the FOSSGIS environment. that being said, you can try using ST_Area(geometry, 'true') and see if your stack has LWGEOM/RTTOPO support. – ThingumaBob Feb 12 at 21:43

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