I am trying to create a local 3D scene in ArcGIS Pro and display data fro drone flights. I have the orthomosaic from the flight as a .tif, the Digital Surface Model as a .tif, and my pointcloud from the flight as a .las file. When I add the data to arcpro I find that all the data shows up in the middle of Africa, I know this is because there is no coordinate system assigned to the data. I would like to move the images to the correct location but that isnt as important. Right now I need to use the ortho to display the elevation data that the drone gathered. I have tried to add the DSM as a elevation source but I get this error

ArcPro Error Message

My next issue is that my point cloud data is floating up in the area over the orhto and DSM,

enter image description here

I need the point cloud on the same level as the other data and I want the ortho to have the elevation contours from the DSM.

Is there anyway to move or edit the data? How do i assign a coordinate system?

How do I adjust the height of the point cloud?

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  • If it's ~500 ft above then it could have elevation in feet being applied as metres, what vertical coordinate system are you using? – Michael Stimson Feb 13 at 1:23

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