I am creating a map using QGIS that has shapefiles in different projections. I was able to reproject them to the correct ESPG code that I need, however they do not line up. My base layer "illinois state plane zones" has the extents; North: 42.508347916666146 West: -91.51351833333352 South: 36.969971916666374 East: -87.49521391666703

Scale: 119:1

The layer that is not lining up correctly has extents in different units, so I can understand why they will not overlay each other, but how can I rectify this?

I have re-projected and that doesn't seem to help.

Layer 02062019 Extents are: North: 1801408.0041401046 West: 1196576.2196446825 South: 1799584.9969252362 East: 1198603.4151709464


Also the scales don't match.

Can I georeference a shapefile to another shapefile to correct this issue, at least as far as the scale issue is concerned?

Re-projecting didn't seem to help at all and I need to figure this out.

What could be causing the extent problem?

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    What are the EPSG codes of the data originally, projected and canvas? You shouldn't need to georeference or adjust your data; by how much does the data misalign to your other data? Differing units shouldn't matter provided the units are defined correctly in the coordinate reference system, QGIS should be able to project on the fly to account for different units and datums. You do have project on the fly enabled in QGIS don't you? – Michael Stimson Feb 13 '19 at 1:55
  • @Heather, welcome to GIS SE! + Read this QGIS manual section. + Reproject both layers (Layer -> Save as) to the same CRS. + Render the canvas (Project -> Properties -> CRS) to the same CRS too. + Edit your question to include appropriate information (CRS used) and the results obtained. – Gabriel De Luca Feb 13 '19 at 2:36
  • @ Michael, I do have OTF enabled. The data doesn't even show up in the same area on the map canvas, i have to right click, "zoom to layer" to find it, then do the same to get back to the base layer I am trying to get it to align with. I have manually updated the extents, i have reprojected so that they are all in the same CRS, I have tried to use a different CRS and allow OTF to do the work, nothing has worked to get these layer in the area to be workable together. – Heather Feb 13 '19 at 15:32
  • @Gabriel, I will try and update once I get a resolve in doing this or not! Thank you! – Heather Feb 13 '19 at 15:32

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