I already managed to return geometries of Isochrones using the API as follows:


Now I'd like to also return requested routes via OpenTripPlanner REST-API as line geometry which can be loaded into a GIS.


returns the route as JSON, but not its geometry.

I already tried different URLs as described in the API-Docs here: http://dev.opentripplanner.org/apidoc/1.0.0/resources.html, but so far I wasn't able to return a route geometry.

Is it possible to return the geometry of a route using OpenTripPlanner API and if so, how?


plan resource returns an encoded polylinestring.

This can be turned into 'actual geometry' using scripts from this Stack Overflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9217274/how-to-decode-the-google-directions-api-polylines-field-into-lat-long-points-in/22737305

There are working ports for python, VBA, Java, ...

These can be used to create a GeoJSON file of the route.

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If you are an R user you could use https://docs.ropensci.org/opentripplanner/

You can then save out the results in a QGIS compatible format

otpcon = otp_connect()
mydata = otp_plan(otpcon, from, to)
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