I want to add a new feature with the Add Feature button in the Attribute Table using one line of PyQGIS.

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I can show the attribute table via


Is there not a method like iface.showAttributeTable(iface.activeLayer()).addFeature available?

EDIT: The table I'm adding features to has optional geometry. When geometry is needed directly in the table, the standard Add Feature from the Edit menu works fine: the feature is digitized in and then the attribute edit dialog comes up. But in other cases the geometry is going to be referenced from another table, so I want the attribute edit dialog to come up first, as happens when the Add feature button is selected from a showAttributeTable call.


I think you are looking for the QgisInterface.openFeatureForm() function where you could load it using:

iface.openFeatureForm(iface.activeLayer(), QgsFeature(), False)
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    That's it, thanks very much Joseph. Now my challenge is to open the specific .ui form that I have generated. But your answer gets me much further along! – Rudy Stricklan Feb 14 at 17:13
  • @RudyStricklan - Most welcome! Glad it helped :) – Joseph Feb 15 at 10:51

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