Hey all I am looking for a average temperature data for Afghanistan monthly over a year, precipitation would work too. In a shapefile, if anyone has any or knows anywhere that I could access one please let me know.

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WorldClim makes this type of information available - not specific to any country, but you can grab a grid of the applicable area. Note that there is a "not for commercial use" restriction, however you may be able to get permission - I have not tried.


Climate Services - 14th Weather Squadron


They use the code AGRI for Weather Stations in Afghanistan

"The Afghanistan sites can be identified with a networktype of ‘AGRI’. Periods of records vary form station to station.
Purpose: Support DoD projects.
Beginning_Date: 19280101/0000Z
Ending_Date: Present
Currentness_Reference: Data are available upon receipt
Progress: In work
Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency: Monthly"

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