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I have a shapefile of city blocks in a given city. Each polygon represents an individual lot, but the attribute table includes a column called "sector", that denotes the zone of the city that the lots are in. There are multiple lots per sector, shown in different colors in picture below:

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I would like to automate the generation of a map of the city blocks for each sector. It appears that the Atlas feature will do what I want, but from what I gather the Atlas feature will create a map for each polygon. How do I have the Atlas produce a map for all polygons that share the same attribute together, instead of individually?

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    Create a new layer using a union of lots, using sector to join them – Ian Turton Feb 14 at 18:22
  • It looks like you already have a layer for the sectors (black outlines on the map). Use the sector layer to control the atlas, instead of the city blocks layer. – csk Feb 14 at 21:18