I have a set of WorldView-2 L2A images, that have multiple tiles (no overlap). As those images are almost all part of a larger scene, tile numbers are inconsistent with the .TIL file (that contains info for all tiles not only the ones included in the image - eg. 9 out 90 total). This has caused trouble assembling the tiles using Geomatica or ERDAS IMAGINE (.TIL file causes the tool to fail as there are missing tiles). Same for Orfeo Toolbox Tile tool.

A sample index for a scene showing individual tile numbers:

11JUN09090743-P2AS_R7C1-053963695070_01_P001.TIF 11JUN09090743-P2AS_R7C2-053963695070_01_P001.TIF 11JUN09090743-P2AS_R7C3-053963695070_01_P001.TIF 11JUN09090743-P2AS_R8C1-053963695070_01_P001.TIF 11JUN09090743-P2AS_R8C2-053963695070_01_P001.TIF 11JUN09090743-P2AS_R8C3-053963695070_01_P001.TIF

I've managed to merge the individual tiles in a single TIF file using the simple Mosaic tool in Orfeo Toolbox, but my desire is to crop the RPC file that not only isn't supplied for each individual tile (as in some DigitalGlobe products) but its a single .RPB file for the whole scene (not the individual image). Is there a way to properly assemble the tiles and get a cropped RPC file (in .rpb or .txt format) that is adjusted to the image (e.g. using GDAL, OTB, or other software/code) or any way I could manually alter some of the metadata files to manage this?

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