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I got vector points on a map. I already have the elevation information in the table for each vector point and the point-id. Now I want to get the GPS coordinates for each point stored in this attribute table. How can I do that?

Overall my aim is to get to know the gradient on this line which I divided into those points.

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If your layer already is in EPSG:4326 use the following expressions:

  • For field y/lat use: $y
  • For field x/lon use: $x

If your layer is in another projection use:

For field y/lat:

y(transform($geometry, layer_property(@layer_name, 'crs'),

For field x/lon:

x(transform($geometry, layer_property(@layer_name, 'crs'),

Create the fields with fieldcalculator and make sure to set field type to Decimal number (real) and set its precision. enter image description here


vector -> geometry tools -> add geometry attributes adds columns with you coordinates in the layers CRS to its attribute table.

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