I have a problem with saving as GMT in QGIS. There is no option in my QGIS version to save as in GMT. How I can add this option in QGIS?


In the OSGEO4W shell, run ogr2ogr --formats|sort to see if you have the OGR_GMT driver (running GDAL 2.x) or GMT driver (running GDAL 1.x) included.

If yes, you can convert your vector data with ogr2ogr -of OGR_GMT or -of GMT.

If you have raster data, run gdalinfo --formats|sort to look for the GMT driver, then take gdal_translate -of GMT.


This same question was asked, and answered, in the GMT forum https://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/boards/1/topics/8087?r=8088#message-8088

-Regarding the raster matter, it's not advised to convert grids into the old GMT netcdf grid format. Just don't convert it. GMT can recognized all GDAL formats natively (it uses GDAL to read them).

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