In the documentation for using handler functions with ArcGIS Server Rest SOE's, they don't explain how the keys in the boundVariables collection are determined. When I search through the entire solution for "customLayersID" I don't see anything. How would I know to use "customLayersID" as a key?

private byte[] CustomLayer(NameValueCollection boundVariables, string outputFormat,
    string requestProperties, out string responseProperties)
    responseProperties = null;

    //The LayerID.
    int layerID = Convert.ToInt32(boundVariables["customLayersID"]);

    CustomLayerInfo layerInfo = GetLayerInfo(layerID);

    string json = layerInfo.ToJsonObject().ToJson();

    return Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(json);

The bound variable key takes the form of the resource name + "ID".

This is not very clearly stated in the conceptual document you linked to, but I remember seeing it somewhere.

EDIT: See this PDF, slide number 45. Resources seem to be always identified by their identifier (id), which is ok, but I personally find this string-convention-based design very weird. I should also note that the slides are a little outdated and do not exactly match the shipped version of the API.

One last (pedantic) complaint - ESRI will apparently never learn that id is not an abbreviation and as such should not be spelled in uppercase :-)

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