I am currently pan-sharpening 8-band multispectral raster satellite images with single band panochromatic images.

I use Arcmap pansharpen raster function to achieve this.

The pansharpened result has 8-bands, even though only 4-bands are used by the pan-sharpen tool. What information is retained in the other 4 bands and is it accurate?

  • I'm a little confused. If the pan band covers RGB, why is it black and white? In other words, why can't we simply re-visualise the pan image in RGB at 0.3m, instead of having to sharpen it to a 1m color image? – GeoGable Mar 7 '19 at 17:55

The Create Pan-sharpened Raster Dataset tool ONLY takes a maximum of four bands (R/G/B/IR) so I think that answers your question.

How to Pan-sharpen Landsat Imagery at the Earth Matters blog is worth reviewing.

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