I have a dataset that I would like to geocode using an API, but I am anticipating some difficulties. It would be helpful to know:

  1. is it even possible to geocode this?
  2. if yes, what API(s) would be the best to use and what data cleaning should I do first?

The dataset is as follows:

  1. Addresses are all in one column, not split by street number / street name / city / state / zip.
  2. The address is preceded by the name of the building at that address.
  3. For some rows, the street number / street name does not contain any spaces. For example: "ARDENWOOD ELEM SCH LIBRARY SIDE A 33955EMILIAFREMONT, CA 94555"
  4. For other rows, there are spaces. For example: "Blackcreek Center At Copper Cove Village 920 Black Creek Dr. Copperopolis, CA 95228"
  5. The dataset has ~11,000 rows, so manual cleaning is too time-consuming.
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    why don't you geocode the data and remove the successful addresses first. then see how many need to be fixed manually. suggest you pay for a geocoding service with fuzzy address matching see > stackoverflow.com/questions/46976448/… – Mapperz Feb 18 '19 at 2:54

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