When I need to count the land use of small areas, such as the analysis of a province's land use classification map, the use of zoning statistics (zonal statistic as table) can be directly obtained from the ground class area. But the recent use of statistics similar to those on a global scale has baffled me.

I need to count the size of each class in each country, using both Zonal statistics as table and Tabulate Area tools in ARCGIS to get the desired results. The number of rasters (count) resulting from the first tool operation is multiplied by a resolution to get the area size, which is very different from the actual country area, and the result of the second tool operation is all decimal, I can not confirm its unit.

Supplement:This data derived from ESA CCI ,Resolution 300m; Cell size 0.002777778*0.002777778 ;Coordinate system WGS 1984

  • which software are you using? – Kantan Feb 18 at 13:01
  • I'm using ArcGIS to process my data – Yiming Fu Feb 18 at 13:28

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