I have 4 Shapefiles which basicly have 7 important fields and are basicly looking like:

| Name | Connection 1 | Con 2  | Con 3  | Con 4 | Con 5  | Value |
|Tab1_A|    Tab2_A    | Tab2_B | Tab3_F | -     | Tab4_x |  10   |

So the first collumn contains the name of the polygon, the 2nd to 6th collumn contain Connections this polygon has with polygons from the other Shape-Files and the last collumn contains a value.

My Task is, to create a Raster, which contains the maximum sum of all values from conntected shapes in one cell.

My current approach is:

  1. Convert the 4 Shapes into 7 Rasters each (one per collumn)
  2. 4 Raster Calculator: Tab1: Value + If(Con1 == Tab2.Name;Tab2.Value;0)+...
  3. Another Raster Calc: MAX(Raster1,...,Raster4)

My Problem is, that I cannot compare the Name-Raster and the Connection-Rasters, because the Name is not the Raster-Value, but an Attribute.

Is there any way to compare an attribute in the Raster Calculator, or do you have a better idea, how to solve this problem?

  • Join 2nd using 2nd field and total 2 values. Repeat 5 more times and convert to raster. – FelixIP Feb 19 '19 at 18:32

Try merging all the shapefiles into one shapefile that contains all the fields. Then add a new field where the value is the sum of the connections from the 35 (5 connections x 7 shapefiles) connection fields. Then go vector to raster with the raster value being the newly created field.

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