I am creating a Python script in QGIS 3 and I want to use the processing module. I want to transform my raster file to a vector file with the GRASS algorithm r.to.vect. My problem here is that the output I am getting is always empty. The way I am running the algorithm looks like this:

    param = {"input": path_to_some_raster_file,
             "type": 2,
             "output": some_tmp_file,

    vector = processing.run('grass7:r.to.vect', param)

But if I use the same parameters in the processing toolbox then the desired output is generated. What am I doing wrong with my Python attempt?

  • From the menubar, go to Processing > History. This will show you how the parameters for the tool should be used when running it from the console or script. – Joseph Feb 19 at 15:59
  • That still doesn't help me with my problem. I even copied the whole command from the history and run it in the qgis console and the result remains the same unfortunately.... – Blinxen Feb 19 at 16:10
  • I use version 3.4.4 – Blinxen Feb 22 at 11:55
  • 1
    Empty as in you receive an output but it contains no data or you do not receive any output (in which case maybe use processing.runAndLoadResults() instead of processing.run())? – Joseph Feb 22 at 12:05
  • Empty as in an output which contains no data. If I use processing.runAndLoadResults() then I get a QgsProcessingOutputLayerDefinition object. – Blinxen Feb 22 at 13:19

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