I am using QGIS3 for a file geodatabase that was created on ArcMap. I can only access a few of the layers in the QGIS browser because most of them are stored using a compressed data file (.cdf). When I tried executing ogr2ogr in the OSGeo4W Shell, I got the warning message "(layer name) has a C:\Users\user\Desktop\geodatabase.gdb\compressedfilename.gdbtable.cdf file whose format is unhandled for each layer that was stored with these .cdf files.

How can I decompress/convert these .cdf files to a usable format for QGIS without access to ArcMap? Is there a solution using R?

  • You would need a QGIS version that is using a GDAL version that supports this driver gdal.org/drv_filegdb.html with ESRI SDK 1.4 or later. – user30184 Feb 19 at 18:13
  • @user30184 is that something I have to download separately? Or should I be looking for a different GDAL version all together? – Georgianna Silveira Feb 20 at 16:52
  • GDAL version (like 2.4) does not matter, but GDAL must have been compiled from the source code somehow like in this document gist.github.com/zhm/2005158. The ESRI SDK seems to be here nowadays github.com/Esri/file-geodatabase-api. Try to find such a build or someone who can make a build for you. – user30184 Feb 20 at 18:20

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