I am currently trying to geocode addresses from a CSV file using QGIS (2.18.22) via MMQGIS (2018.1.2) and the Nominatim Geocoder.

enter image description here

Unfortunately there is always a strange error.

enter image description here

Why does Nominatim try to contact the Google Maps API? How do I solve this problem?

  • I tested the MMQGIS OSM/Nominatom geocoder in QGIS 3.4, and got this error message: Request denied: 0 addresses geocoded. No mention of google api, so it's unclear if that's the same issue or not. You can make a bug report here: github.com/michaelminn/mmqgis/issues. – csk Feb 20 '19 at 20:00
  • As per the help center it is OK to try and reproduce software problems in a Q&A here, but if you think this is a bug then be sure to submit it to the plugin developer. Please post a link to the bug report here. – underdark Feb 20 '19 at 20:04

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