given a global coverage image at .04 deg from 60N to 60S and -180 to 180 I previously generated tiles for google overlay using gdal2tiles.py once I determined the right syntax/args to use. The image is 9000 pixels x 3000 lines.

migrating to a new server the tiles are now wrong. Instead of overlaying from 60N to 60S, the overlay starts at 30S and either wraps around to past 90N or just continues S for 120 degrees somehow.

The problem is these tiles are used in an app that I have no access to other than to check the results.

/usr/local/bin/gdal2tiles.py -p geodetic -s EPSG:4326 -z '0-7'  -r near -u http://website.xyz/app_gmaps -w google imag.png apps/gmaps

the png file has a world file imag.pgw


It isn't at all clear to me why this is not working anymore.

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