Is there a way to auto login to GeoServer using the REST API? I need to use REST API to login to GeoServer and open logged in page of GeoServer using REST API.

  • what do you mean by auto login? you need to authenticate each REST request as it is stateless – Ian Turton Feb 21 at 9:20
  • Yes exactly. Aftre sending username and password in post request should get me to the geoserver welcome page with user (username sent in param) logged in – User123 Feb 21 at 9:24
  • that isn't how rest works – Ian Turton Feb 21 at 9:28
  • Yes but i need not any layer upload, create workspace etc using rest. Just need to login to geoserver using username and password. Any example rest api for that? – User123 Feb 21 at 9:35
  • that isn't how rest works the REST api is solely for managing the configuration of GeoServer – Ian Turton Feb 21 at 9:45

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