I would like to clip some tiff files using cutline from kml file.

enter image description here

.\gdalwarp.exe -of GTiff -co COMPRESS=LZW -cutline boundingbox.kml source.tif result.tif

It works quite well but as a result I have files with the same size as before.

Is it possible to adjust result image size to the result content?

Here I would like to get rid of that black border.

enter image description here

Edit: When I add -crop_to_cutline parameter then result is even worse: enter image description here


Once you've define you cutline you have to tell it to crop the image to the cutline like so:

gdal.Warp(Outraster, Inraster, format = 'GTiff', cutlineDSName = polygon, cropToCutline = True
  • Well the result is even worse because output image has size of full clipper. Please take a look at my question which I edited. – Witos Feb 22 at 10:33
  • I believe if you define an Alpha band for your raster you should be good using -dstalpha: – B-C B. Feb 22 at 19:10
  • Yes it looks better but size is the same, I thought that maybe size (dimensions) can be reduced as well to fit only area with image (that small corner) :) – Witos Feb 22 at 21:38
  • maybe define -srcalpha aswell... – B-C B. Feb 25 at 15:41
  • if that doesn't work you could clip your "clipper" polygon to the extent of your raster file prior to doing this clip – B-C B. Feb 25 at 18:01

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