I'm just starting to try out some things in the GIS arena and perhaps this question is a concept mistake.

I've read the post R : How to build heatmap with the leaflet package and the fantastic answer provided by @geneorama on how to use bkde2D to create contour lines in R by using the leaflet package.

The problem I'm facing is a little bit different and I do not know if this approach is valid in my case.

I have a set of GPS points representing interviews to households in some clusters in some district. But this set is split into two subsets, the first representing those individuals who took certain treatment and the second those who did not take it.

I've used bkde2D only with the first set. But, of course, I've got more intensity where more interviews were carried out.

I'd like to compute the intensity by using rather the ratio of number of occurrences where the individual took the treatment (first group) out of the total occurrences in that polygon (first + second groups).

How can I do this? It makes sense?

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