I am using Web Map Services (WMS) in Cesium Apps



However I cannot find any Cesium official reference to WFS or WFS-T services which I now need to start using.

I have visited this site regarding OpenLayers and Cesium integration:


but no explicit reference to WFS services as such, only to 'vectors' examples (i.e. JSON).

Is there any implementation of the WFS standard for Cesium?

  • Just curious if you ever got anywhere with this? I have a GeoServer instance serving up some WFS stuff, and I'm shopping web globes. I like a lot about Cesium so far, but not being able to use WFS could be a problem. Thanks much! – Hildy Dec 30 '19 at 4:26
  • The only progress so far is to force the geoserver geometry output as 'json' in the WFS call, and you could use that within the Geojson class in Cesium. The problem is that the json output in Geoserver in this way it returns a file and it could be very, very large. This problem has been addressed by the Cesium developers by using a 'promise' -javascript language- approach which can deal with unresolved URLs and/or broken download links. But, still this is not by any means a proper WFS service. – Web-GIS entrepreneur Jan 3 at 16:52

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