I drew a point feature using the draw tool in ArcMap on a map in an area of interest. I am now interested in extracting the actual latitude/longitude of this point in geographic space so I can actually navigate to this exact area in a car. In addition, I am interested in determining how to export this as a GPX feature and inputting it directly into my Garmin GPS device.


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You can use this Features to GPX tool (Will be an ArcGIS Toolbox script)


Converts features (layers and feature classes of schema; point, multipoint and polyline) into GPX files.

Originally posted to ArcGIS.com as a sample, this tool is the sibiling to the GPX to Features tool available in both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.

Parameters Input Features | feature layer | required input

Input featureclass or feature layer Output GPX | file | required output

Output GPX file to be created Zero dates (support Garmin Basecamp) | boolean | optional input

Create 0 date (JAN-1-1970). If a string field named 'DateTimeS' exists, the values from this field will be used to populate the output GPX file. If this field does not exist, an empty string is used for the date. Garmin Basecamp software requires a valid date. Select this option to insert the JAN-1-1970 (epoch) date into your output GPX file if your features do not have a date field. Pretty output | boolean | optional input *Format the output GPX file to be formatted in a nicer way. ie. human readable. This does not impact hardware and software devices ability to read the output file.

General Usage The tool takes both points and line feature classes as input.

Line features will be turned into Tracks (TRKS)

Point features will be turned into WayPoints (WPT)

Note: GPX uses the WGS84 coordinate system. If the input data is not in WGS84, the conversion to GPX will reproject the data. If a transformation is required the best match possible is used. For complete reprojection control you should run the Project tool, converting your data into WGS84 and choosing the correct transformation prior to creating a GPX file.


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