My Goal is to extract Spatial Information for Usage in Tensorflow.

I´ve got Spatial Information from Landsat(30m) and Modis(500m), if I want to extract this Information, do I need any form of reprojection? or does Google Earth Engine ensure precise Value extraction?

Ive tried using reproject on Modis imagery, by using the Landsat projection

with `var lsPr = LS8Col.first().projection()

var preSnowCollection = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MOD10A1').select('NDSI_Snow_Cover')
var snow = preSnowCollection.first()
var snowPr = snow.projection()


var snowre = preSnowCollection.first().reproject(lsPr)
var snowrePr = snowre.projection()



MODIS original:

enter image description here

MODIS reprojected to Landsat:

enter image description here

These Bumps, make me curious. I've read Projections Page and have to admit that I don´t understand if this is just a visualization thing, or if my data will actually become faulty by reprojecting.

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