Is it possible to select all columns except geometry using virtual layers in QGIS?

For example I have this (simplified) query:

Select *, st_buffer(geometry, 100) From mypolygons

It does not work. It does not buffer at all. But using the (simplified) query as follows does buffer all polygons as intended:

Select id, name, st_buffer(geometry, 100) From mypolygons

Now the issue is, that if I have polygons with a lot of columns I need them to type in all manually. Is there a way to avoid this?


It does work as intended, and it is only a display issue.

To make is work, just give a name to the buffered geometry and specify this name as being the spatial column.

Otherwise, the virtual layer has two geometry columns, the original geometry and the new st_buffer(geometry) and the 1st one is picked-up for display.

Select *, st_buffer(geometry, 100) as geo2 From mypolygons

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