I am working on creating a change detection script for QGIS3, that detects the differences between two DEMs and highlights the changes. Everything is working well but I have been unable to get the 3D view to work using pyqgis, I have it working using the GUI.

I want to display my output rasters in 3D view using PyQGIS, like this:

enter image description here

I have looked into the 3D Library and the Python API but I have not been able to get any of this to work.

I tried using the Qgs3DmapScene Class but the QGIS python console does not recognize it.

How can I use the 3D View to display layers using PyQGIS? is there any example or sample of this somewhere?

I am using QGIS 3.4.4 on Windows with Qt 5.11.2

  • for now only is possible apply 3d style,but not load,create new 3d windows etc from python – Fran Raga Feb 28 '19 at 11:17
  • for show available method using python use this import qgis._3d as d dir(d) – Fran Raga Feb 28 '19 at 11:18

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