How do I move the created shapefiles (black circles) into the folder (red circle) within ModelBuilder?

enter image description here

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    Why not change the output file paths in the Clip and Select tools? Otherwise use Copy Features or Featureclass to Featureclass. – Aaron Feb 25 at 3:19
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    Use the name of the variable in the path, it looks like %Lotplan (3)%\GLM_Clip.shp etc.. Though I'd rename Lotplan (3) to OutputFolder and make your output path %OutputFolder%\GLM_Clip.shp etc for clarity. – Michael Stimson Feb 25 at 3:19
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    Also make the output of Create Folder a precondition to the rest of the model, this ensures the folder exists before the rest runs. – Hornbydd Feb 25 at 9:36

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