Beginner here Just learned how to construct url to access the feature services needed to build the customized app I envision in Operations Dashboard, but struggling to find a tutorial/resources outlining next steps.

Any recommendations on tutorials?

Specifically, the app I envision allows the user to click on a county from the list, then 2 maps on the screen are updated. One will show the corresponding counties the residents from the selected county are commuting to for work, and the other map will highlight the counties where workers are commuting from. Ideally, the percentage of residents/workers coming from each county will be shown with graduated colors.

Will I be accessing the service via the REST API within the dashboard itself, or will I perform the task on the feature dataset elsewhere to create the output, then import into the dashboard?

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    Sometimes its easier to "See" than to "Read"? Here's a tips and tricks video which I think will answer some of your questions: youtube.com/watch?v=Ou3mokGsLGA – KHibma Feb 25 at 14:04

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