I have a Cartosat 2.5 m Imagery and Block files along with DSM Data. I wanted to generate DEM using Leica Photogrammetry Suite Software. Does anyone know the steps of generating same?

I have to edit the existing DSM by augmenting with more breaklines / masspoints and editing of existing points to the exact ground surface as visualized on the stereo data supplied.

Also is DSM also in black/white color or is there a way to change bands and update the colors?

How can I perform the same on LPS Software?

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  • To address one part of your question ("is DSM also in black/white color"), a DSM, or digital surface model, is an elevation raster not a photograph, so black and white is expected. You can choose to display it in pseudocolor if you like, see the QGIS Manual > working with rasters > style properties.
    – csk
    Commented Feb 25, 2019 at 17:16

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You want to edit DSM (vector format:ltfx, tin.pro) file in 3D stereo environment, where you can change the color of your mass point, break line and create new to final convert into DEM (DTM).

You can enhance the B/W cartosat image for enhanced clear view.

Any issue in setting up your machine environment, 3D editing and let me know.

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