I have a TIFF image I'd like to load into ArcGis, but the TIFF isn't georeferenced. I'd like to create a World File for the TIFF but am not sure how to do this for the Lambert azimuthal polar equal-area projection.

Are there any automated tools to generate world files given a particular projection and image size?

The information for the image is as follows:

Lambert azimuthal polar equal-area projection for the Northern hemisphere

1440 x 1440 pixels.

If the uppermost leftmost pixel has coordinates x = 1, y = 1, then r^2 = (x - 720.5)^2+ (y - 720.5)^2

north latitude (deg) = -2 asin( p r / 2880) + 90, where asin should be taken in degrees

east longitude (deg) = atan2(x - 720.5, y - 720.5), where atan2 should be taken in degrees

Any ideas?

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