I'm trying to calculate and export NDVI rasters extracted from Sentinel-2 using the script:


Source code: Export images in google earth engine with date name

When i run it for coordinates

  [27.493905, 53.73073],
  [27.493905, 53.990091],
  [27.849634, 53.990091],
  [27.849634, 53.73073]

it works properly and I get correct NDVI values (-1 - 1).

But when I run this script on coordinates

  [47.11727, 54.71504],
  [47.11727, 54.942041],
  [47.411848, 54.942041],
  [47.411848, 54.71504]

it still works and show the first calculated NDVI in GEE but after I export rasters on local computer from Google Drive I get strange values of NDVI and can't visualise NDVI in GIS...

Low : -3,40282e+38 High : 3,40282e+38

Can anybody help to solve the issue?

  • Are you using ArcMAP to visualize exorted rasters? Did you compute histogram? – aldo_tapia Feb 27 at 13:12
  • Yes, I try to visualize rasters in ArcMap and I computed histograms. But it didn't help. – MayLadyBeetle Feb 27 at 13:39
  • Change raster representation to a shorter range (-1 to 1) and use info tool to check pixels – aldo_tapia Feb 27 at 13:41
  • I tried but it looks like the raster is invalid and without spatial reference. So I think it's something wrong with my script. Anyway thank you for helping! – MayLadyBeetle Feb 27 at 13:49

The problem was incorrect projection of output image (EPSG). After I fixed it all rasters export properly.

  • Can you please add the edited answer here? – Vijay Ramesh Feb 27 at 15:45

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