I am using ArcGIS's feature table for showing data. I know that in new version clear-selection event fires when I click Clear Selection menu item from options.

Is there any other way to know about Clear Selection for lower version of ArcGIS? I want to know that Clear Selection is clicked from options.

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I am not sure I understood your question, I will explain about ArcGIS 9.3 because you tagged ArcGIS 10.0. Thus, I am not sure are you talking about version 10 or need older than 10 like 9.3.

You can clear selection from Options as you already knew or from Selection Menu -> Clear selection

Using ArcGIS 9.3 and under the section Selecting features by clicking them in the map it is written in the Tip section the following:

  • To deselect all selected features at once, click the map where there are no features, click a feature of a layer that is not selectable, or click the Clear Selected Features tool on the Tools toolbar.

To clear selection from the table:

  1. Click Options in the table window and click Select All.
  2. You can also click the box in top-left corner of the table view next to field heading to select all or deselect all records.


  • The Selection menu contains additional tools for selecting features.
  • You can right-click the row button on the left side of the table and be able to deselect individual records.

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