I'm building an Android App for display ESRI Shapefiles but unfortunately, there are only a few free SDKs which support Shapefiles. Most of them working with GeoJSON, so now I'm looking for an Android Library to convert my Shapefiles to GeoJSON.

Is there any ready to use solution for this problem? I don't need any standalone tool

  • I have no experience with Android, but i could imagine that mapshaper (mapshaper.org) could be worth a look. It provides a very useful CLI. – Rob Feb 27 at 13:28
  • The conversion process has to be integrated into my application and it should be working offline. – R. Kut Feb 27 at 13:36
  • possibly github.com/paamand/GDAL4Android – nmtoken Feb 27 at 16:30
  • Unfortunately, I have no UNIX OS and I don't even know what ninja, ant, and swing are. – R. Kut Feb 28 at 7:53

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