By running the code, one obtains:

FeatureCollection (Error) Image.reduceToVectors: First band ('x') of image must be integral.

I don´t understand this error. My goal is to convert the pixel values into vector data, e.g. Points.

var coorsfeat = mean.reduceToVectors({ reducer : null, geometry : geometry, crs :mean.projection().getInfo().crs, crsTransform :mean.projection().getInfo().transform, geometryType : 'centroid', labelProperty : 'Precip' })

Link to GEE

  • Using different data, or another Type of Geometry(points) to reduce over, did not help Feb 28, 2019 at 14:32

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The error regarding the Integral was fixable by converting the input Data from float to Int. I recommend a multiplication to evade Data precision loss.

Fix: var mean= ImCol.filterBounds(aoi).filterDate('2017-01-01','2017-12-31').mean() .multiply(10000).toInt()

Unfortunately, this retrieves 0 Features.

Changing the Following Arguments to scale did the Trick :

crs :mean.projection().getInfo().crs, crsTransform :mean.projection().getInfo().transform

Unfortunately, this doesn't obtain one Feature per Pixel. Gonna open a new Thread for this one, as it seems to be a different problem then initially described in this thread


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