Any known sources of Vector Basemaps for QGIS, excluding "OpenMapTiles.com" that preset upon the installation of the plugin "Vector Tiles Reader Plugin"?

Really looking for a hillshade vector map and a contour line vector map that I can add to QGIS.


To answer this question: QGIS since 3.12 supports natively the vector tile parsing, rendering and styling - implementing the "Vector Tiles" as layer, so the mentioned Vector Tiles Reader QGIS plugin is not required.

If you are looking for hillshade and countour vector maps to add into QGIS easily - I recommend checking the "Outdoor style" mentioned in:


This means to do:

  1. Open QGIS (3.12+)
  2. Click on the menu Plugins → Manage and Install Plugins…
  3. Search for maptiler
  4. Click on the Install Plugin (Reinstall, if you already have the old version installed)
  5. Restart QGIS
  6. Double click in Browser on the left on MapTiler -> Outdoor

This map is fully editable - adjust the visual, add your own layers and print or export in vector format at selected DPI.

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