Currently, I am working on Velodyne vlp16, for which I recently added UbloxEVK-M8T support. The setup is working fine but when I record the data from VeloView, the GPS timestamp is showing incorrect values. Below screenshot is from the data I have recorded yesterday but the 'gpstime' is wrong.For example, the timestamp value in the first cell i.e 52797124.000 is equivalent to Saturday, September 4, 1971 2:52:04 AM which is wrong

my pcap file GPS times look like below. enter image description here

Did anyone face this type of problem before?

I am very new to this field.

  • I have seen this before with an older version of the Ublox receiver. It usually happened when the position was not valid, but I cannot say for certain that is what you are seeing there. I would check to see if the positions for those points appear to be reasonable, that would give you a place to start. When I had those issues, the positions placed me near Greenwich, England. I was in the western United States at the time. – jbgramm Mar 1 at 22:43
  • What is Ublox-M8T and what does it do? Please, also edit Q to respond to jbgramm's comment; i.e., are coordinates being recorded correctly? And what do you mean with the 'setup is working fine'? Before recording data in VeloView do timestamps show correctly in somewhere else from within the GPS device? – Andre Silva Mar 2 at 0:55

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