I'm using QGIS 3.4.5 and created a line shape layer. I have another line layer in my project that I want to create and trace the geometry of the other layer. I activated the "add line object" button and also checked out the "node tool". Snapping is enabled in settings --> options. Using another CRS for the layers doesn't help either. Can somebody tell me how I can activate the "trace tool" in "snapping toolbar"? Proceeding like this, the "trace tool" isn't active. Kind regards, Larissa

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    I presume you have activated the snap tool (s)? You have to do that first in order to be able to activate the tracing tool. – oskarlin Feb 28 at 16:02
  • thanks a lot, I see it's very easy to active the tracing. Cheers, Larissa – geofee Feb 28 at 16:58

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