I have a Runtime 100.4 .NET application that needs to use an offline geoprocessing service, via a Local Server installation calling a GPK geoprocessing package.

I've successfully started the local server, started and displayed a map service (from an MPK package and from an MPKX package), and even started a geoprocessing service from a GPKX package. However, I need to start a service that's in a GPK package (to execute a tool that's in Desktop but not Pro). When I point the app to that one, it fails with the error below.

!message:socexit:{"error":"Worker process 'examplemodel_host' exited while attempting to service request (attempt 1 of 1): endpoint='admin' headers={} params={asynchronous=, filePath=c:\temp\examplemodel.gpk, jobDir=C:\Users\[.....]\AppData\Local\Temp\1\arcgisruntime_17320\examplemodel\jobs, maxRecords=1000, name=examplemodel, outputDir=C:\Users\[.....]\AppData\Local\Temp\1\arcgisruntime_17320\examplemodel, type=GPServer, virtualDir=} res='create' post=0 Crash dump path=C:\Users\[.....]\AppData\Local\Temp\1\ArcGISRuntimeErrorReports\arcgisruntime_100.3.0.2102_service_20190228_165917.dmp","name":"examplemodel","processId":-1}

Exception thrown: 'Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Http.ArcGISWebException' in mscorlib.dll

In order to get the GPKX package loaded in, I had to change a line in the deployment manifest file ArcGISLocalServer_100.x.AGSDeployment, changing enabled to true:

<Package id="ProGeoProcessing" name="Geoprocessing" enabled="true">

Once I figured that out, I thought it would be as simple as disabling the ProGeoProcessing package and enabling the ArcMapGeoprocessing:

<Package id="ArcMapGeoprocessing" name="Geoprocessing" enabled="true">

However, it's not fixing my ArcMap GPK service; I keep getting the error I posted above. What else am I missing?

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